About Us

About FSE

Established in 2016, FSE engages with stakeholder groups to advance Net Zero 2050, Circular Economy and Sustainable Development Goals.

  • FSE strives and directs its resources for establishing and operating collaborative platforms to catalyze policy and business action
  • FSE partners with global and national initiatives aligned with UN- SDGs, carrying forward the activities and legacy of the Asia Business Responsibility Council founded in 2012
  • FSE’s team of specialists cumulatively bring in decades of experience in Climate Change, Energy, Sustainable Development, Responsible Finance and Scientific Research

Our Approach

FSE mobilizes government, businesses, financial institutions, think tanks to be a force for good. Working beyond the boundaries, focusing energies externally to catalyze largescale change.

  • Bridges the divide between service and advocacy.  Providing inter-linked programs and contributing the policy dialogue to supercharge strategies
  • Taps into the stakeholder interests to work with the markets and help companies/ other constituents, influence business practices, build partnerships
  • Cultivates distributed leadership throughout the external partner/ supporter networks, empowering others to lead

Who we work with


Board Rooms and Business Leaders to build their proficiency and commitment


Financial Institutions and Investor Groups to facilitate finance for the transition


Tech Innovators for enhancing efficiencies, up scaling and reducing costs


Policy Makers for enabling private action and building
supportive infrastructure